I opened my optical shop, One Hip Chic, over 20 years ago.  I know.  I know. 

You’re here to read about Sole by One Hip Chic… I’ll get there, I promise.


What I like about the eyeglasses I sell is that they are functional art.  They help people to see and they also tell the story of the wearer in a creative way.  I like the fact that the eyeglass companies whose frames I sell are made up of people who have a real passion for eyewear.  


In my travels for eyewear, I’d seen unique, handmade shoes I’d never seen before.  About three years ago, I began to think that shoes, too, are functional art.  And the idea of Sole by One Hip Chic began to form. 


In the past three years, I’ve traveled to shoe shows in Paris, New York, Toronto and Las Vegas.  I’ve met shoe craftsman.  I’ve listened to their stories while looking at a multitude of leathers. I’ve dreamed of having my two shops under one roof.  And now, that dream is a reality. 


Whether you’re coming to 1521 Monroe Avenue to look at shoes or glasses, I hope you enjoy your visit.

Tamra Asmuth  |  Owner, Chick