This is definitely not your typical platform shoe!  The upper is made of a shimmering fabric that changes from blue to brown/gold with your movement and the light.  We think this style will light up any outfit. The sweet bow makes it feminine and playful.


Color: Gold
  • The year 1990 marked the end of a revolution in Romania and a new beginning for many of it’s citizens including Dan and Angela Vasiliu.  Still in their 20’s, they excitedly opened their own little shoe factory and started working side by side with their 3 employees.  Unknown, but with products of good quality and unique design, the company started selling their shoes all over the country, soon becoming a well-established producer in the Romanian market. Today, Papucei can be found in the wardrobe of women all over the world…from Italy to Japan and from Canada to Australia.

  • Women US Women EU Men US Men EU
    4.5-5 35 7.5-8 41
    5.5-6 36 8.5-9 42
    6.5-7 37 9.5-10 43
    7.5-8 38 10.5-11 44
    8.5-9 39 11.5-12 45
    9.5-10 40 12.5-13 46
    10.5-11 41 13.5-14 47
    11.5-12 42 14.5-15 48
    12.5-13 43