Every angle of these blue wedges is striking. Even when they walk away, the laces in the back pose a new take on how to tie your footwear.


Vegetable-tanned, aniline-dyed calf leather which has been tumbled for softness and dyed twice and thus features a different colored edge. Colors and surface texture may vary. The color will darken gradually and with exposure to sunlight. Gets softer with use and may stretch substantially.



Made with Trippen’s x+o sole

The x+o sole is 4.5 cm high and includes a soft and flexible fore-foot section. It is made entirely from rubber. In order to minimise weight, the contact surface has been reduced to a narrow wedge in the middle, whereas the cross under the heel guarantees lateral stability.


Heel height: 1 1/2 in

Ankle height: 5in from heel


Handmade in Germany


  • Since the beginning of Trippen in the early 1990s the company has remained true to its aspiration to perform beyond common fashion rules while establishing its own unique way to design and produce shoes. With their unique soles, unconventional pattern technique and iconic silhouettes, Trippen shoes are designed to be timeless, and ever avant-garde. From the minimal to the experimental, each model is made to last – transcending seasons and outliving trends to instead grow with their wearer as they journey through life.

  • Women US Women EU Men US Men EU
    4.5-5 35 7.5-8 41
    5.5-6 36 8.5-9 42
    6.5-7 37 9.5-10 43
    7.5-8 38 10.5-11 44
    8.5-9 39 11.5-12 45
    9.5-10 40 12.5-13 46
    10.5-11 41 13.5-14 47
    11.5-12 42 14.5-15 48
    12.5-13 43