We love this spunky purple shoe!

Soft violet unlined leather with light purple laces.


Made with Loint’s of Holland’s Natural sole

Footbed: thick cushioned cork and removable footbed

Outsole: rubber latex sole, shoes glued

Features: durable, comfortable for long walks, light and stable outsold, fits well on each foot, suitable for wider feet and personal footbeds

FIts true to size


Handmade in Hungary

Natural : Cat's Cradel

Color: Purple
  • these shoes are made for walking ...! Not only that but also a real highlight are loints of holland shoes! No matter how you combine them, Loints of Holland's timeless, beautiful and unique designs harmonize any outfit. It does not matter whether you are more of a sporty or elegant type of person or if you prefer the colorful and extraordinary: loints of holland shoes are able to perfectly adapt, due to their distinctive and classic structure, to exactly fit your style. As well as the optical importance, the need for comfort needs to be addressed, which is made possible by the handmade latex cast. This gives the shoe both a strong elasticity, as well as an almost infinite shelf life. In addition, unnecessary adhesives and other artificial materials are omitted in almost all models of Loints of Holland. Thus you will be able to have long-lived joy with your Loints of Holland shoes, including a built inenvironmentally friendly lifespan. Be inspired by our quality models and see this unique brand for yourself.