From the maker:
"Omotesando is chaos and precision in Tokyo.


This bag is almost like a clothing accessory. I also wear it under my jacket, that is why it has aspecial shape that accompanies the body and at the same time becomes a graphic element on the dress, as if it were an additional pocket.It is perfect for travels and it is big enough to hold all the important items. It is light and will remain light even if full. It’s a promise! Made of leather and fabric, inside, it is lined and has a zippered pouch."


Dimensions: 11 in. x 8 in.

Omotesando (small)

  • Based in Italy, designer, Irene Ferara, translates her simple ideas into objects that are to be owned, used and savored each time. Each project is a search for a unique identity that marries the material chosen with its purpose; and where the final shape tells a story that begins in its design and ends with an object that stirs emotions.