Like all of SPAZIOiF's bags, the soft and supple leather set this back pack apart for the ordinary.  It is sculputural and unique, highly functional and attention getting.  We know you'll love this back pack for daily use or for traveling. 


From the maker:

"It may be my obsession with space or my passion for origami, or the whim of creating a bag that becomes neatly flat, just for the architectural taste to see the movement every time it closes on itself… well, here is pagoda: a moving shape that magically becomes three-dimensional, like a pop-up-bag.

The backpack is light and comfortable, the bottom is rigid, the shoulder straps are doubled to hold the weight of books or laptops, it closes with a zipper. Perfect for traveling, you can put it in your suitcases; when folded, it occupies very little space.

It’s an essential backpack that even our male customers have appreciated: my husband immediately wanted one for himself!!

Inside it has a convenient pocket for items to be quickly at hand as keys and smartphones.


Dimensions: 13 in x 4.75 in x 14.5 in (open) – (Height: .75 in when closed)

Pagoda Backpack

  • Based in Italy, designer, Irene Ferara, translates her simple ideas into objects that are to be owned, used and savored each time. Each project is a search for a unique identity that marries the material chosen with its purpose; and where the final shape tells a story that begins in its design and ends with an object that stirs emotions.