Made of soft leather with ruching on top, this ankle boot is feminine.  One of our customer's loves hers for traveling.  She says they're easy to put on and take off at the airport, comfortable to walk in all day and light to pack.  We think you'll love this style for traveling or staying in town.


Made with Loint’s of Holland’s Natural sole

Footbed: thick cushioned cork and removable footbed

Outsole: rubber latex sole, shoes glued

Features: durable, comfortable for long walks, light and stable outsold, fits well on each foot, suitable for wider feet and personal footbeds.


Fits true to size

Shank Height: 6 1/4in


Handmade in Hungary

Natural Ruffle

Color: Red
  • Begun in 1918 by Cornelus Klijsen, an independent shoemaker, Loints of Holland are made from only the finest materials. Produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, they are created with respect for nature. Comfortable, unique and timeless are the hallmarks of the Loints brand.

  • Women US Women EU Men US Men EU
    4.5-5 35 7.5-8 41
    5.5-6 36 8.5-9 42
    6.5-7 37 9.5-10 43
    7.5-8 38 10.5-11 44
    8.5-9 39 11.5-12 45
    9.5-10 40 12.5-13 46
    10.5-11 41 13.5-14 47
    11.5-12 42 14.5-15 48
    12.5-13 43