From the maker:

"My friend Marianna plays a game with her A-BRACCIO BAG: every time she finds a new object to insert in the ring of the leather that is used to wear it, she sends me a photo with my bag fitting in (or out) umbrellas, scarves, baguette bread, a rolled-up daily paper… that wasn’t exactly my idea but I find it very functional and… fun.

This bag is very usefully worn with the long strap, the postman way, as it is very large with its wide bottom; at the same time it is very beautiful and original when worn as a bracelet.

Inside, the bag is lined with fabric, it has a zipped pocket and it fastens with a zip hidden in the leather flap."


dimensions: L 16.5 in x H 12 in


  • Based in Italy, designer, Irene Ferara, translates her simple ideas into objects that are to be owned, used and savored each time. Each project is a search for a unique identity that marries the material chosen with its purpose; and where the final shape tells a story that begins in its design and ends with an object that stirs emotions.